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If you have any comments or criticism on how I play Rainbow Dash, or you just need to get in touch with me, here's the post to do it. Feel free to contact me! Anon comments are screened.

Name: Dante
AIM: TheIrradiated
Character Name: Rainbow Dash
Character Series: My Little Pony
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So, I take it everypony's done acting like they've gone completely nuts? Good, because I just came up with an awesome idea to make Mayfield at least slightly cooler. I mean, we might be stuck here and all, but that doesn't mean we have to settle with boring old lametown. And I know just how to spice things up!

No, no, you don't have to thank me. I'm just doing what I do best!

[And before Rainbow Dash hangs up, if you're listening closely:]

I think I'm gonna need more buckets for this.


[Look at your house, now back to me, now back at your house, now back to me. Your house is now rainbows! That's because Rainbow Dash has used the rainbow fountain attached to her cloud home to fill up several buckets of rainbow paint, and she's taken to the skies to pour said rainbow paint all over the houses of Mayfield.

That's right, Rainbow Dash is now coating as many houses as she can with rainbow paint. All part of her plan to make Mayfield look a little cooler.

By the time she's finished, your house might end up looking like a bag of skittles threw up all over it. She seems pretty proud of her work though!]
[Finally Rainbow Dash has grown big enough to fit her ego!!

Okay no, but now there's a 30 ft. pony right in the middle of Mayfield. She's grown so big that she can now easily reach that cloud house of hers, and then some.]

W-whoa, sorry! Sorry down there!

[Unfortunately for everyone else, as much as she tries being careful, she'll still put her hoof through a house or two. No matter where she steps, she always seems to be stepping on something and it's getting kind of irritating. She doesn't even know how she got this tall to begin with. What's a pony to do?]

Maybe if I just try to get someplace higher...

[She starts flapping her wings to go look for higher ground, completely unaware that the wind she's creating by doing this is making this worse.]
[Anyone entering the Malt Shop this afternoon may notice something veeeeery off about a couple of patrons sitting at the counter. While Rin doesn't look at all out of place, this is a hangout for teenagers after all, something's strange about her companion awkwardly sitting down next to her.

Aside from the atrocious fashion sense, Rainbow Dash's tail is clearly sticking out from underneath the pink polka-dotted dress that Rin fitted her with. Never mind the dress itself barely fits, as her wings are awkwardly stuffed in the dress and making it look bulkier then it should. The gloves are kinda taped on to give the impression of human fingers instead of hooves.

Don't ask how they got the boots on. Don't ask.

Also that brightly colored biker helmet that's kind of covering Dash's face? That was completely Dash's idea. Hey, she had to have something cool about this ridiculous human getup.

The drone running the shop fixes them with an odd, almost suspicious look. The silence is unnerving as he looks Rainbow Dash over, and it lasts a couple minutes before the drone speaks up.]

And what would you kids like to eat?

[And Dash immediately jumps in to order first. She's so excited about being here right now.]

Got any grass sandwiches? I'm starving!

[Rin sharply elbows Dash, whispering to her.]

Pssst...humans don't eat grass! ♪

Well what the hay do they eat then?

Umm...meat? ♪

W-what really?! Humans are so gross!!

Shhh stop that or you'll blow our cover! ♪

[And then Rin will turn to the drone, who is now looking incredibly suspicious at them both.]

We'll have milkshakes! And fries! ♪

[The drone looks like he's about to say something, or go for the broom, before finally turning away to take their order. Both Rin and Rainbow Dash just let out a sigh as this ridiculous plan actually managed to work.

Approach them y/n?

ooc: Rainbow Dash is blue, Rin is red. Tags will come from both!]

Okay, I give - how the hay do you get into one of these human shops anyway? Is it normal for them to just start swinging brooms the moment you go in?

Oh and anypony's welcomed to stop by 1665 Nelson - I got something really, really cool back if ya wanna see it!

[Action - 1665 Nelson Street]

[Right above 1665 Nelson Street hangs a very large, oddly shaped cloud. Upon further inspection it turns out not to be a cloud, but a house - Rainbow Dash’s house, to be exact. She is pretty excited to have her house back.]

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Heh, no more sleeping on those uncomfortable lumpy couches ever again. Awesome!

[Anyone watching will see her fly up and disappear into said floating house…

...Only to see her seconds later plummeting straight through the bottom of it, yelling right before she manages to catch herself before slamming into the ground. While she may have her house back, she hasn't got the ability back to walk on clouds.]

What the - what's the big idea?!
[Phone. Early in the morning.]

'Kay so, now that everypony’s talking their deep dark secrets about dumb stuff they're afraid of or that they wear women's clothing or something, I guess it's time I come clean about somethin’ I realized about myself.

I’m a comm…commu…commie...commthingy...

Uh, okay so I forget what it's actually called. I know it starts with a "c" and it's totally awesome and you should all join.

I think.

I'm gonna go do stuff.

[Action. That afternoon.]

[Rainbow Dash is in the front yard with a can of opened red paint. Because of how the town works, she lacks her usual cutie mark. Instead she's taken it upon herself to make an awesome new replacement until she can get her old one back. And with all this new found love for communism and after figuring out what it actually is, she knows just what to paint on her flank.

It’s supposed to look like this.

But because Dash isn’t really an artist, it looks something like this.

Either way, she’s pleased with her new replacement cutie mark.]

Aww yeah, no more blank flank!

…So what did I draw anyway?
[Rainbow Dash's stay in Mayfield hasn't been for long, but in the short time she's stayed here she's lost her wings, got her wings back, learned what a gun is, died (although she doesn't know that), and dealt with a household full of pesky drones. And today this pony has decided to start practicing her flying moves again. She can't allow herself to get rusty, and there was nothing better to do anyway.

She stands on the roof of 1665 Nelson, overlooking the rest of the neighborhood and talking to herself.]

Let's see...I'll try a double flip and a daring Dash dive! No, no, too dull. How about a triple flip and a cloud spin?! Hmm...maybe I should try coming up with something new and extra cool!

[But Rainbow Dash doesn't realize it's Father's Day, not that she cares anyway. So anyone in Mayfield will find her either:

A. Practicing her aerial tricks. Lots of mid-air back-flips, dives, racing and dodging buildings through Mayfield. But she'll stop to talk if you interrupt, after all she likes an audience.

B. And finishing up her cool moves, she'll be at the malt shop for a celebration drink. Only one problem: they don't allow ponies?!

ooc: Rainbow Dash is affected by all men, so feel free to boss her around!]